Hope Corps

Hope Corps is a program that equips people of all ages to be labourers in the harvest. Through a year of study and seven days of intensive hands-on training saints are taught how best they can be a light both globally and in their local communities.

Matthew 28:19

Hope Corps is a phenomenal tool for preparing saints to make a difference both globally and locally. When we think of missions, it’s easy to think of men and women labouring in far off countries. However, It is our firm belief that missions doesn’t start in distant lands. There is no need to send missionaries thousands of miles away in order to make an impact on the world, the world is right outside our door. Calgary is a beautiful multicultural and diverse city, and it is our mission to reach the world through our local communities.

How To Participate

Step 1

At Truth Church Calgary we have a vibrant community of Hope Corps Alumni that have a vision to see people connect their gifts and callings to the needs of Calgarians. It is our vision to use the talents that God has given us to make an impact on our community. We are involved in numerous outreach endeavours. Regardless of if you are Hope Corps Alumni or not we invite you to be a part of our missional projects.

Step 2

Hope Corps is where a person’s education, experience, and abilities can be harnessed and directed to areas in the kingdom where they may have an eternal impact and allow the individual to be personally involved at home in their local church as well as in significant, short term missions’ projects. To join Hope Corps, enroll now.

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