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Here you can find the most recent sermons preached at Truth Church and access several in-depth and challenging biblical series. To access our entire sermon archive, follow the link below.
What's So Special About The Gate?
Oct 2, 2022    Pastor Douglas Walker
The Side Effects of Unbelief
Oct 2, 2022    Pastor Douglas Walker
La Perspectiva Correcta/The Right Perspective
Sep 30, 2022    Roberto Santillana
Tell Them I Love Them
Sep 28, 2022    Jason De Leeuw
The Breaking of a King
Sep 25, 2022    Thomas Macleod
Take Another Look
Sep 25, 2022    David Holmes
As You Received Him
Sep 21, 2022    Jamie Macleod
The Revelation of Healing
Sep 18, 2022    Pastor Douglas Walker
A Resurgence of Simplicity
Sep 18, 2022    Pastor Douglas Walker
Heroes De La Fe - Heroes of Faith
Sep 16, 2022    Roberto Santillana
The Paradox of Self-Righteousness
Sep 14, 2022    Pastor Douglas Walker
Seeing Jesus
Sep 11, 2022    Bishop Johnny King
The Reason For Emotional Church Services
Sep 11, 2022    Pastor Douglas Walker
Things You Should Know
Sep 7, 2022    Jamie Macleod
Elijah The Tishbite
Sep 4, 2022    Steven Jones
If You Don't Bow You Won't Burn
Sep 3, 2022    Steven Jones
Meekness Is Not A Weakness
Sep 2, 2022    Steven Jones
Sunday PM, Aug 28, 2022
Aug 28, 2022
Make a Difference
Aug 28, 2022    Bishop Johnny King
The Password To Spiritual Authority Pt. 2
Aug 24, 2022    Pastor Douglas Walker
Change the World, or the World will Change You
Aug 21, 2022    Eli Rivas
Recibid El EspĂ­ritu Santo - Receive Ye the Holy Ghost
Aug 19, 2022
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Saints
Aug 21, 2022
The Password to Spiritual Authority
Aug 17, 2022    Pastor Douglas Walker
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