Next Level

Next Level is the program for understanding what to do next in your journey.  God has a plan for every person. What is God’s plan for your life?  What steps can you take now? This is where you can find out!

We are all on a journey with God. At Truth Church, we believe that God has planned your whole life to get you to this moment. We don’t believe that you came to Truth Church to find God- but that God led you here to show you the Next Level. The level of life and development that you are at is not where God wants you to stay. God has you at this level because He is preparing you to go to the Next Level. If you feel it is that time, Truth Church provides an introduction to what God can do in that next level of your life.

Next level meeting

When & Where

Next Level takes place every Thursday at 7:00pm and on the first Sunday of every month. Immediately following the morning service, the meeting will be held in the Small Fellowship Hall, one floor down from the Café.

Growth Tracks

The Christian life is a life of constant growth. No one is perfect, but we are ever striving to be more like Jesus. Growth Track provides an excellent resource on your journey towards better understanding your place in God’s Kingdom. You will have a more profound knowledge of God and how he works with and relates to both the church and you as an individual. These classes will prepare you for a life spent living in the will of God.

Questions about Next level

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